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Melting of wisdom,Casting products

My company has consistently adhered to“It is the first、Quality first、Reputation first”The guidelines,Strives for the survival by the quality、With science and technology for development,Depending on the user for god,Provide you with reliable quality、Advanced technology、The high quality equipment。

To serve you

Linnane electric provide a set of perfect service for you,Help your career unimpeded

Scope of application

Products are widely applied in metallurgy、The casting、Diathermy、Quenching、Pipe bending, etc,Is steel、Rolling the choice of products。

Application of manufacturers

Steel mills、Rolling mills、Foundry and precision casting、Forging press、Ball mould, etc。

Free consultation

The free provides intermediate frequency、Continuous casting machine and the related technical consultation,Training the operator,Free to provide the necessary technical drawings。

Spare parts

Company to our customers with the most preferential price,To provide reliable quality of all kinds of spare parts。

The installation guide

After the equipment sold,Company in a timely manner to eliminate technical personnel,In conjunction with the manufacturer for the installation guide,And hot commissioning,Until the production of qualified products。

Overseas network

The company's web site links have English web pages,Customers in need please browse,Communicate via email and contacts。

The latest products and progress

The following is the latest product samples to our company


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